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Victory Model Railway Club

Calendar for 2009

Please visit our Exhibitions page for our 2009 events calendar. Please take a look.

Waytree Vale Bus TerminalWelcome to Victory Model Railway Club. We are a club that caters for model railway enthusiasts of all ages, interests and levels of experience.

The club was formed on 9th February 1982 by the now defunct local radio station, Radio Victory, and the Fratton Bargain Shop. The club was formally known as the "Radio Victory" model railway club. The name was changed to simply "Victory" Model Railway Club, when the I.B.A refused to renew Radio Victory's franchise.

From February 1982, the club met at the Fratton Bargain Shop. In 1989, due to the expansion of the business, club had to find new accommodation. The club then moved to Aldershot where it met regularly for around a year. 10 years ago the club was fortunate enough to find new accommodation back in Portsmouth. We now meet in a new clubroom in Milton, Portsmouth.

At present the club is quite small with membership made up of a loyal band of friends. The club now considers that it is time to expand the club's membership and would like to have the opportunity to introduce a new generation to this exciting and interesting hobby.

The Club's Aims

Waytree Vale RailwayThe club's aim is to provide an environment where model railway and train enthusiasts of all backgrounds and levels of interest and experience can meet, and discuss their hobby. The main activity of the club is the design and building of club-owned railway layouts. The experience of the club's members spans many years and all aspects of modeling are covered. From designing and building track layouts, wiring and building control mechanisms, to the maintenance of rolling stock; all are available.

That said, the club always welcomes new members with different skills, or just a willingness and enthusiasm to learn. At the end of the day, the real aim of the club is simply to have fun!

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